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Are you sick of having to clean debris from your pool each and every time you want to go for a swim? Finding that your chlorine is constantly degrading due to UV exposure? It can be a real advantage having a swimming pool in Summer, but the cost and effort associated with maintenance can be a real drag. Well, not to worry! There is a way to make maintenance less arduous and less costly.

At Aussie UnderCover, we provide premium hidden pool cover systems to customers throughout Perth and elsewhere in Australia. With a choice of manual or motorised winding, they’re an easy way to keep your pool in pristine condition whilst not being used. Having one installed, will also prevent excessive water loss associated with evaporation and help your pool retain some of its heat. Our company is based in Nowra, but we supply DIY installation kits to customers from Rockingham to Hillary’s Harbour.

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Fits in With Your Pool Surrounds

Did you know that our family-owned and operated business was the first to bring hidden pool cover systems to Australia? What’s more at Aussie UnderCover, our products are still the most economical on the market. For a seamless transition between your pool surrounds and the pit that houses your new equipment, our systems can be covered in the same tiles or decking material. There’s no other system that enables this.

Each kit is equipped with high-quality gas struts that are designed to withstand the weight of your chosen covering. There are three models available including a choice of either smooth winding or remote control operation; each can be supplied in ten adjustable sizes up to a maximum of 7m in width.

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Our manual winding pool covers are available in Perth. They offer a smooth transition when winding by hand, and the self-supporting winding handle hangs neatly inside the pit after use.

For a super simple way to control your Perth pool cover, choose our motorised options. Use a remote control to retract your cover without having to get your hands dirty.

Choose one of our automatic or manual hidden pool covers systems to protect your pool in Perth. Each system is made from marine grade aluminium to ensure suitable strength and durability.

New Pool Cover Systems in Perth


Frequently Asked Questions

Pool covers systems are an important part of pool maintenance because they help to keep the water clean and free of debris, minimise evaporation, reduce UV degradation of chlorine and regulate the pool temperature. This can save on energy, maintenance, and chemical costs.

To clean a hidden pool cover systems, you’ll need to remove it from the pool. This can be done with a hydraulic system or by hand. Once it’s been removed, you can hose it down to remove any dirt or debris. It’s also a good idea to scrub it with a brush to get rid of any stubborn stains. Be sure to let the cover dry completely before putting it back in the pool.

Gas struts work by using a spring-loaded piston to hold the cover in place. When you want to retract the cover, you simply push a button and the gas strut will release the pressure, allowing the cover to be retracted. This makes it easy to operate and eliminates the need for manual force.