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Fed up with having to clean debris from your swimming pool every time you want a dip? Are you constantly having to top up your chlorine because of UV degradation? Let’s face it having a pool in your backyard really pays dividends on a hot day, but the upkeep—not to mention the cost—can make you question whether it’s worth it. Well, stop right there! There is a way to get all the benefits of a pool whilst reducing maintenance and the amount of chemicals you need to use.

At Aussie UnderCover, we supply our own hidden pool cover systems. Available in both manual and motorised versions, our pool covers the perfect way to help keep your pool looking pristine whilst not in use, reduce water loss and regulate temperature. Based in Nowra, we can supply and install throughout our local region including Shoalhaven, Sydney and even Adelaide. We also supply DIY kits to the rest of Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth.

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Aussie UnderCover®

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Hidden Under Your Decking or Tiles

Our family-owned and operated business brought the first hidden pool cover system to market right here in Australia. Today it’s still the most economical option and it’s the ONLY system that can be covered with your own decking or tiles; your pool cover system will blend seamlessly within its surroundings.

The kits we supply are customised to suit your chosen covering, including gas struts that match the weight requirements of your tiles or timber. With three distinct models available and ten adjustable sizes, our pool cover systems can fit pools up to 7m wide. You can also choose whether you’d like smooth winding or remote control operation.

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Our manual winding pool covers are easy to operate. They each come with a strong, self-supporting winding handle, which hangs neatly inside the pit.

Select a Semi Remote Controlled Cover to protect your pool; press a button and your cover will retract conveniently. Our existing manual systems can also be converted to powered.

Our covers come in different types of material — Solar for heat retention and all year-round durability, non-heating covers for warm areas and foam for maximum heat retention in cooler areas,
but without the solar benefits. Each material is available in a variety of thickness (microns) and colours to suit your pool area.

Our mechanism only kit is designed for use where you have your own lid and installation cavity already in place. It may also be used when building an above ground bench seat. This kit is suitable for manual and powered applications.

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What a hassle-free experience. Great quality, exceptional service (thanks Sandra) and a wonderful and talented builder who did the installation. I would heartily recommend Aussie UnderCover.

- Anthony P.

The kit we received was complete and the instructions clear. Easy build and set up. Motor and roller worked first try no major dramas at all. One small drama with the gas struts for the lids - holding them open all the time, but Aussie Undercover immediately sent us replacement struts that fixed the problem. Heartily recommend Aussie UnderCover.

- Gary E.

I inherited a pool with a very unusual pool cover arrangement whereby it was enclosed behind a wall making it very difficult to use. I spoke to many companies and the only one to come up with a solution was Aussie UnderCover  - taking the time and effort to provide a customised approach and using one of their high-quality motors. it has been working extremely well. thanks, particularly to Sandra for all the help.

- Andy G.

The Aussie UnderCover is fantastic. I'm so happy with how it looks, it blends in seamlessly with my garden / pool surrounds, you would never know it was there. I would highly recommend this product.

- Donna E.

Fabulous hidden pool roller! We have a small pool area and wanted the pool roller to ‘disappear’, this option works perfectly! DIY was a step-by-step process, easily completed by a ‘handy hubby’ and supported by Aussie UnderCover wherever necessary! Using the motorised roller works like a charm, love, love, love it!

- Scott W.

Bought an aluminium pool cover lid and they were extremely helpful with design and layout from start to finish. Thanks Guys!

- Ben D.