Automatic Pool Covers in Australia

Easy to Use & Maintain

For the most convenient of operations, you can’t go past our semi-remote controlled pool cover systems. With the touch of a button, you can assist the cover onto your pool and, with a little guidance, it will slide from one side of the pool to the other. When you’re done, just press the button again and the cover will retract back into its pit or deck; its as simple as that!

Our system is 24V low watt, therefore an electrician is not required for installation other than providing an appropriate power point where other pool equipment is located.

With an Aussie Undercover powered pool cover, you’ll also benefit from:

Our hidden pool covers can be installed throughout our local region including Nowra, Shoalhaven, Sydney and even Adelaide. DIY kits—with step-by-step installation instructions—are available for delivery elsewhere in Australia, such as Melbourne, Brisbane Darwin and Perth.

Improved Installation method and precision accuracy. Get your quote today or find your nearest dealer.

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Mechanism Only Installation

If you already have your own lid and installation cavity in place, our mechanism only kit is the perfect solution. It can be used when building an above ground bench seat and is suitable for both manual and powered operation. To learn more about our mechanism only installations, get in touch on 1300 722 009.

Refer to our kit inclusions document which details what is included in all our kits.

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Our Sizing Chart

To ensure your new automatic cover will fit your swimming pool, check out our sizing chart below. When requesting a quote, tell us with your dimensions, and we’ll provide the relevant pricing.

Approx Waterline Adjustable lid size
Kit Name Pool Min Pool Max Lid Min Lid Max
Petite 1.50 1.80 2.30 2.50*
Narrow 1.85 2.30 2.73 3.05* 
Small 2.40 2.90 3.10 3.58* 
Medium 3.00 3.60 3.70 4.20* 
Large 3.70 4.10 4.40 4.80 
LargePlus 4.20 4.20 4.40 4.90 
Super 4.30 4.80 4.95 5.50** 
SuperPlus (2 lids) 4.80 5.40 5.46 6.10** 
SuperMax (2 lids) 5.50 6.00 6.20 7.16** 
Custom (2 lids) 6.10 6.60 6.20 7.16** 

* With extended lid frame joiners, you can achieve approx. 120mm additional length

** With extended lid frame joiners, you can achieve approx. 240mm additional length

Concrete Installations

The Concrete Installation kit is the most popular; it works well where there is concrete around the pool or concrete under pavers. The kit is installed directly into the pit and all specifications are provided.
Concrete being installed — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW
Under deck installation — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW

Under Deck Installation

The Under Deck kit installs in a new or existing deck or an above-ground bench. The lid frame is covered with matching hardwood, Modwood, other manufactured timber products or aluminium decking. All specifications are provided.  

Soil/Sand Installation


The Soil/Sand (In-Ground) kit is designed for installation in soil or sand. Additional treated pine timber is required to form the in-ground frame using the framing bracket system included in the kit. All specifications are provided. 

Note: a full timber H4 treated pine structure can be used.

Soil installation near pool — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW
Mechanism only installation — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW

Mechanism Only Installation​

The mechanism only kit is designed for use where you have your own lid and installation cavity. It may also be used when building an above ground bench seat. Suitable for manual or powered applications.