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Are you over having to clear debris from your pool before every single use? Do you find your chlorine is constantly running low due to UV degradation? Whilst it’s great to have a pool right on your doorstep, the upkeep and cost of maintenance can leave you wandering if it’s actually worthwhile. Well, we have a solution! There is a way to enjoy all a pool has to offer whilst minimising maintenance and the amount of chemicals you need.

At Aussie UnderCover, we provide customers with the best hidden pool cover systems on the market. They’re available in both manual and motorised; and will keep your pool looking fantastic whilst not in use. They also help to reduce water loss due to evaporation and retain heat. Our company is based in Nowra, but we also supply and install systems throughout Adelaide—from Salisbury to Morphett Vale.

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At Aussie UnderCover, we’re a family owned and operated business. We were the first to bring hidden pool cover systems to Australia and still to this day, it’s the most economical option. Our systems are the ONLY ones that you can cover with tiles or decking for a truly seamless integration with your existing pool area.

We supply our kits with gas struts that will match the weight requirements based on your chosen covering. We have three different models available, with each coming in a range of ten adjustable sizes—up to a maximum of 7m wide. Choose either remote control or smooth winding retraction.

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Why not give a manual winding pool cover a go in Adelaide? They extend and retract by hand; our system provides a smooth transition. The self-supporting winding handle hangs neatly when not in use.

For the easiest of operation, choose a motorised pool cover in Adelaide; at the touch of a button your cover will retract. If you already have one of our manual systems, this can be converted.

Our pool cover systems are all made from marine grade aluminium for premium strength and durability. Choose from manual and automatic options that compliment your Adelaide surroundings.

New Pool Cover Systems in Adelaide


Frequently Asked Questions

There are several benefits of using a hidden pool cover. First, it is a very efficient way to keep debris and leaves out of the pool. Second, it helps to keep the water temperature regulated, which can save on energy costs. Third, it keeps the pool looking clean and tidy all the time. Finally, it is a great way to keep children and pets safer around the pool.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using a hidden pool cover. First, the cover needs to be installed properly to work correctly. Second, it’s important to keep the hydraulic system well-maintained to ensure that the cover functions properly.

Marine grade aluminium is a type of aluminium that is specially treated to resist corrosion and rust. This makes it ideal for use in pool cover systems, as it can withstand the humid environment and the harsh chemicals often found in pools.