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Does it bother you having to constantly clean your pool before using it? Are you always finding your chlorine levels have dropped because of UV degradation? Whilst having a swimming pool in your Sydney backyard can be an absolute joy, the maintenance and cost required year-round can definitely take the gloss off. What if there was a way to reduce the ongoing effort and expense required to keep your pool looking pristine when you need it? Well, there is a simple solution.

At Aussie UnderCover, we provide protection for pools through our innovative hidden pool cover systems; they come with a choice of manual or motorised operation. Prevent your pool from excess water, heat and chlorine loss due to direct exposure to sunlight. Stop leaf litter from landing in the water. Whilst we’re located in Nowra, we also supply DIY installation kits to customers from Cronulla to Mona Vale.

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You Won’t Even Know It’s There

Did you know who the first business to bring hidden pool covers to the Australian market were? That’s right, you guessed it— Aussie UnderCover. Since inception, we’ve continued to refine our systems to keep pace with changing customer demand. Our current iteration is incredibly economical and is the ONLY system that seamlessly integrates with your pool surrounds by incorporating existing materials—timber, tile or other—with the pit lid.

Each kit has a variety of options—three different models, ten adjustable sizes (up to 7m wide) and a choice of remote control or smooth winding. In addition, they all come with gas struts designed to suit the weight of your chosen covering.

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Manual winding pool covers are an option for our Sydney customers. Featuring a self-supporting winding handle that hangs neatly inside the pit, they’re easy and smooth to use.

For Sydneysiders, we recommend going with a motorised pool cover if you don’t want to bother with any manual winding. If you have one of our manual systems, we can always upgrade it.

When you’re after effective pool protection in Sydney, take a peek at our range of hidden pool covers. Made from premium marine grade aluminium, they’re guaranteed to last.

New Pool Cover Systems in Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

A hidden pool cover system is more efficient than a solid pool cover system, but it requires a little more maintenance. The main benefit of opting for a hidden pool cover system however is in its name! The cover can be retracted into a pit under the surface of your pool area where it will remain out of sight when not in use. With a system from Aussie UnderCover, you can place your choice of material over the top of the pit, so it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.

The maintenance requirements of a hidden pool cover are fairly low. All you need to do is check the hydraulic system regularly to make sure it’s in good working order and clean the cover every two to four weeks to remove any leaves or other debris.

Pool covers can reduce UV degradation, which can help you save on the amount of chlorine needed in your pool. This is because UV radiation can cause chlorine to break down and become less effective. By using a pool cover, you can minimise the amount of UV radiation that reaches your pool water, and therefore minimise the volume of chlorine that is degraded.