We have a full range of training videos which will assist at every stage of installation.

Our Dealers in the Shoalhaven, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide can offer installation to retail and trade customers. See our Dealer Page for contact details.


Training Videos

Concrete Pit Training Series

Formwork Preparation

Alternate Pit Types

Lid Frame Preparation

Installing Lid Frame Hinge Plates

Installing Lid Blocks

Correcting Twist In Lid Frame

Installing Gas Struts

Installing Gearbox

Installing End Mount

Installing Roller Tube

Installing Baseboard & Tiles

Under Deck Training Series to come ....

Installation Instructions

Petite to Large+

Super to Custom Plus

Concrete Pit

Under Deck

Concrete Pit

Under Deck

Gas Strut Layout Plans

Petite to Large+

Super to Custom Plus

Operation Videos