Cronulla Pools deck out an Aussie UnderCover®

Cronulla Pools installed a glorious concrete pool in Caringbah recently which is a stunner.

The backyard space was limited, therefore a plunge pool was chosen which left space for hard and soft landscaping.

The pool is heated using an electric heat pump, therefore a pool cover was required. As already mentioned, the space was limited so an above ground cover was out of the question plus the client did not want to ruin their stunning view with unnecessary clutter. 

Cronulla Pools had recently partnered with Aussie UnderCover so our system was the perfect solution.

The underdeck installation is simple, quick, and the result is completely seamless, with the pool cover totally concealed in the deck. As a bonus, the pool cover takes no space therefore a beautiful entertaining area can be created on top.

This pool featured in Season 2 of Australia’s Best Pools in 2023. Check it out below.

Cronulla Pools also created a blog post about his pool – Cronulla Pools Blog


Concrete Pool:  5.25m x 2.25m

Kit Size: Narrow

Installation Type:  Under Deck

Lid Frame Finish:  Millboard® 176 x 32

Weight: 3.2kg plm 

Manual or Semi Remote:  Remote

Pool Cover:  Daisy – 525 Titanium Blue