Pool Covers in Australia

Making Pool Maintenance Easy

Tired of scooping leaves from your pool every time you want to use it? Want to reduce water loss associated with evaporation? We all know that maintaining swimming pools can be time consuming and a real pain, but there are ways to significantly reduce the amount of effort you need to put in. Pool covers for instance are a cost-effective, simple way to protect the quality of your water when not in use.

At Aussie UnderCover, we manufacture and supply the latest in hidden pool covers. With manual and motorised options available, you’ll be wandering why you didn’t invest in one earlier. Our pool covers can be installed throughout Nowra, Shoalhaven, Sydney and Adelaide. We deliver DIY kits everywhere else in Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth.

Want to see the range of pool covers available? We’re proudly partnered with Daisy Pool Covers and Aussie Pool Covers and have direct access to their range of products.

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It Pays to Cover Up

Our covers come in different types of material — Solar for heat retention and all year-round durability, Non-heating covers for warm areas and Foam for maximum heat retention in cooler areas but without the solar benefits. Each material is available in a variety of colours to suit your pool area.

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