Aussie UnderCover December Update

Newly Installed Deck Timber — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW
Modern House with Pool — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW

by Sandra Lothian | Dec 3, 2021 | Under Deck | 0 comments

Under Deck Disappearing Act

A deck around your pool area is a great place to store your pool cover if you want to get is out of sight. This is exactly what happened at one of our latest trade installs. D C Bradley Builders of Brighton, Victoria created this disappearing act.

The deck is made of 19mm Silver Top Ash and provided the perfect hiding place for the pool cover.  The pool is 13m x 4m and the cover fits very neatly inside the 390mm opening required by the Aussie UnderCover.

The kit installed is our Aussie UnderCover Power21, semi remote-control system which will retract the cover and roll forward when you pull the cover back onto the pool.

Customer comment “The concealed ‘under the deck’ thing is great – people have no idea that it is not a solid deck until I show them, it really does look very good.”

Another fabulous install and a happy tradie with a happy customer.

NOTE: you can use four narrow boards or three full wide boards on the lid frame which is more “invisible” in the deck.

Showing a Pool with Clean Flooring — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW
Showing a Pool — Pool Cover Systems in Nowra, NSW