Design Duo Twin Off - Lysandra

Dark and Moody Pool Area With Lysandra Fraser

As evidenced from this projects outstanding result, going bold with colour choices for the elements around you pool makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel achieved.

Achieving simplicity with functionality is the name of the game. 

Lysandra designed her pool space to be clean and simple yet beautiful, dark, moody and functional.

The curved seating back mirrors the curved pool plus the round occasional tables and circular light add to the curvey feeling.

The polished concrete on the lid frame was achieved by fabricating a stainless steel lipped frame that was attached directly onto the Aussie UnderCover lid frame. Concrete was then poured into this frame and polished. Getting the gas struts set for this custom installation was a challenge, but the system operates wonderfully. 

The beauty of the Aussie UnderCover® system is that it gives you the choice to GET THE LOOK YOU WANT. If you are using pavers or tiles around your pool then these can go on the lid frame, with some limitations. The same for all sorts of timber or composite timbers, plus synthetic turf, even honed concrete. You are not limited to an aluminium lid, that is very hot in summer and is definitely not hidden. 

Photos by Photographer: Jenah Piwanski @jenah_piwanski and Aussie UnderCover

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Pool: Concrete Pool – 6m x 3.3m

Kit Size: Super Plus

Installation Type:  Concrete

Lid Frame Finish:   Polished Concrete

Weight: Varied

Manual or Semi Remote:  Powered

Pool Cover:  Aussie Pool Cover – Sol+ Guard

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Installer: Aussie UnderCover & local builder

Phone: 1300 722 009


Photographer: Jenah Piwanski @jenah_piwanski

Photographer: Jenah Piwanski @jenah_piwanski