Simple and Stylish Aussie UnderCover®

Honed Concrete tiles are the Champion here!

Honed Concrete Tile Aussie UnderCover® pool cover installation

Aussie UnderCover has a long association with Lachie from Outside Developments who we have partnered with on many projects over several years.

Outside Developments is a distributor for Aussie UnderCover in South Australia. They have all the experience, technical knowledge, skill and practical know-how to produce wonderful installations like the one featured here.

Simplicity with functionality is the name of the game. 

In this project we see the hidden pool cover system installed just back from the pool edge in a great location to easily access the pool cover when required, but also completely conceal it when the pool is being used. This area is also used to access the pool and the garden area beyond. Not one centimeter of space is wasted. 

The beauty of the Aussie UnderCover® system is that it gives you the choice to GET THE LOOK YOU WANT. If you are using pavers or tiles around your pool then these can go on the lid frame, with some limitations. The same for all sorts of timber or composite timbers, plus synthetic turf, even honed concrete. You are not limited to an aluminium lid, that is very hot in summer and is definitely not hidden.


Pool: Aqua Technics – Valentina 8×4

Kit Size: Large

Installation Type:  Concrete

Lid Frame Finish:  600x400x20 Honed Concrete Tiles

Weight: 12kg each 

Manual or Semi Remote:  Powered

Pool Cover:  Daisy – 525 Titanium Blue

Location: Clapham, SA 5062

Installer: Outside Developments

Phone: 0418 859 637