Save time and money with faster installation


Everyone wants to save time and money so we have worked long and hard to ensure that our system installation is as streamlined as possible.  

Our latest development fits into this category. If you have used our system before, we are sure you will find this update far more straightforward and efficient.

We have combined the several components and steps into one pre-assembled component, which means instead of installing these items separately, they are now installed as one. On top of this, we have updated some of our hardware components, which also saves time.

A brief overview of the updated lid frame system is below. A longer and more detailed video is available with our kits, and full installation instructions are provided.

The beauty of the Aussie UnderCover® system is that it gives you the choice to GET THE LOOK YOU WANT. If you are using pavers or tiles around your pool then these can go on the lid frame, with some limitations. The same for all sorts of timber or composite timbers, plus synthetic turf, even honed concrete. You are not limited to an aluminium lid, that is very hot in summer and is definitely not hidden.

  • Four (4) kit installation styles in TEN (10) adjustable sizes to suit your requirements and pool surround (decking or tiles) making it the only virtually invisible “hidden pool cover system” that you can walk on!
  • Fully sealed aluminium and stainless steel gearbox with a smooth and reliable winding/rolling operation for 1 person
  • Self supporting winding handle which makes cover adjustments easy, if required
  • Or,  Powered semi-remote control with 24V low watt transformer   
  • No hot metal surfaces around your pool – no burnt feet in summer!
  • With the lid closed NO CONDUCTIVE surface around your pool (exposed conductive surfaces within 1.25m of the water must be connected to an equipotential bonding connector AS_NZS_AS_NZS_3000-2018)
  • Australian manufactured and Australian family owned.