Is your pool affected by the National Construction Code?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the National Construction Code may require your pool to have a pool cover installed.

Many people do not want to use a pool cover for many reasons:

  • it may be considered unslightly
  • it may take up too much of the available space or entertaining area
  • maybe they cannot find a pool cover colour they like
  • it may seem hard to put on and remove the cover
  • their pool design my make a pool cover difficult to install.

Whatever the reason, they may be in a situation where they are REQUIRED to have a cover.

If you find yourself in this position, take heart, there are many covers out there that will resolve this problem, BUT there are not many that will be virtually invisible like the Aussie UnderCover®.

Let’s look at what is available:

  • Standard aluminium above ground roller pool covers
  • Stainless Steel above ground roller pool covers
  • Aluminium bench seat roller pool covers
  • In-Ground aluminium pool covers
  • Aussie UnderCover® Swimming pool heating and pumping

(a)  Heating for a swimming pool must be by—

(i) a solar heater not boosted by electric resistance heating; or

(ii) a heater using reclaimed energy; or

(iii) a gas heater; or

(iv) a heat pump; or

(v) a combination of (i) to (iv).

(b)  Where some or all of the heating required by (a) is by a gas heater or a heat pump, the swimming pool must have—

(i) a cover unless located in a condition ed space; and

(ii) a time switch to control the operation of the heater.

(c)   A time switch must be provided to control the operation of a circulation pump for a swimming pool.

(d)  For the purposes of, a swimming pool does not include a spa pool.

All of the above are good choices and will do the job for you:

Now, let’s look at the Aussie UnderCover® that will allow you to


  • Four (4) kit installation styles in TEN (10) adjustable sizes to suit your requirements and pool surround (decking or tiles) making it the only virtually invisible “hidden pool cover system” that you can walk on!
  • Fully sealed aluminium and stainless steel gearbox with a smooth and reliable winding/rolling operation for 1 person
  • Self supporting winding handle which makes cover adjustments easy, if required
  • Or,  Powered semi-remote control with 24V low watt transformer   
  • No hot metal surfaces around your pool – no burnt feet in summer!
  • With the lid closed NO CONDUCTIVE surface around your pool (exposed conductive surfaces within 1.25m of the water must be connected to an equipotential bonding connector AS_NZS_AS_NZS_3000-2018)
  • Australian manufactured and Australian family owned.